How To Prepare Entering Data UN Participants 2012/2013

For Preparing Entry Data UN Participants 2012/2013, we will :

1. Check SMP/MTs Certivicate (Ijasah SMP/MTs)

2. Check SKHUN

3. Input The UN Participants Form Each Student

4. Entry Data Off Line

5. Take Proposal to Leader of  National  Culture Minister Mojokerto District for

Taking The UN  Participants Candidate.

6. Up date  The UN Participants Candidate.

7. Final Up date The UN Participants

8. Take The National Examination Number for All The UN Participants.

9. Go To UN 2012/2013

10. Pray To ALLAH SWT  and Hope Them PASS from Their National

Examination.    Amin Ya Robbal ‘Alamin.

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